Generalized Bur X Lomax Distribution: Properties, Inference and Application to Aircraft Data

  •  Ogunde Adebisi Ade    
  •  Oseghale Innocent Osezuwa    
  •  Oyebimpe Emmanuel Adeniji    
  •  Olalude Gbenga Adelekan    


We proposed and studied a flexible distribution with wider applications called Generalized Burr X Lomax (GBX-L) distribution. Some well-known mathematical properties such as ordinary moments, incomplete moment probability weighted moments, stress-strength model, mean residual lifetime, characteristic function, quantile function, order statistics and Renyi entropy of GBX-L distribution are investigated. The expressions of order statistics are derived. Parameters of the derived distribution are obtained using the maximum likelihood method and simulation studied is carried out to examine the validity of the method of estimation. The applicability of the proposed distribution is exemplified using aircraft data.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.