Modified Extended Inverted Weibull Distribution with Application to Neck Cancer Data

  •  Ogunde Adebisi Ade    
  •  Oseghale Osezuwa Innocent    
  •  Olayode Fatoki    
  •  Laoye Victoria Eshomomoh    


This work introduces a new three-parameter modified extended inverted Weibull (MEIW) distribution which is a hybrid of the one-parameter inverted Weibull distribution. The density function of the MEIW can be expressed as a linear combination of the inverted Weibull densities. Some mathematical properties of the proposed MEIW model such as ordinary and incomplete moments, mean residual life, and mean waiting time, Tsallis entropy, moment generating function and order statistics are investigated. The maximum likelihood estimation method is considered to estimate the parameters of the MEIW model. The relevance of the MEIW model is studied via an application to neck cancer data.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.