The Infimum Norm of Completely Positive Maps

  •  Ching Yun Suen    


Let A  be a unital C* -algebra, let L: A→B(H)  be a linear map, and let ∅: A→B(H)  be a completely positive linear map. We prove the property in the following:  is completely positive}=inf {||T*T+TT*||1/2:  L= V*TπV  which is a minimal commutant representation with isometry} . Moreover, if L=L* , then  is completely positive  . In the paper we also extend the result  is completely positive}=inf{||T||: L=V*TπV}  [3 , Corollary 3.12].

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.