Killing Tensor Fields of Third Rank on a Two-Dimensional Riemannian Torus

  •  Vladimir A. Sharafutdinov    


A rank m symmetric tensor field on a Riemannian manifold is called a Killing field if the symmetric part of its covariant derivative is equal to zero.

Such a field determines the first integral of the geodesic flow which is a degree m homogeneous polynomial in velocities. There exist global isothermal coordinates on a two-dimensional Riemannian torus such that the metric is of the form ds^2= λ(z)|dz|^2 in the coordinates. The torus admits a third rank Killing tensor field if and only if the function λ satisfies the equation R(∂/∂z(λ(c∆^-1λ_zz+a))= 0 with some complex constants a and c≠0. The latter equation is equivalent to some system of quadratic equations relating Fourier coefficients of the function λ. If the functions λ and λ + λ_0 satisfy the equation for a real constant λ0, 0, then there exists a non-zero Killing vector field on the torus.

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