Applying Differential Forms and the Generalized Sundman Transformations in Linearizing the Equation of Motion of a Free Particle in a Space of Constant Curvature

  •  Joel M. Orverem    
  •  Y. Haruna    
  •  Bala M. Abdulhamid    
  •  Magaji Y. Adamu    


Equation of motion of a free particle in a space of constant curvature applies to many fields, such as the fixed reduction of the second member of the Burgers classes, the study of fusion of pellets, equations of Yang-Baxter, the concept of univalent functions as well as spheres of gaseous stability to mention but a few. In this study, the authors want to examine the linearization of the said equation using both point and non-point transformation methods. As captured in the title, the methods under examination here are the differential forms (DF) and the generalized Sundman transformations (GST), which are point and non-point transformation methods respectively. The comparative analysis of the solutions obtained via the two linearizability methods is also taken into account.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.