Hom Leibniz Superalgebras With Supersymmetric Invariant Nondegenerate Bilinear Forms

  •  Mamadou Pouye    


In this paper we study Hom Leibniz superalgebras endowed with a supersymmetric, nondegenerate and invariant bilinear form. Such Hom Leibniz superalgebras are called quadratic Hom Leibniz superalgebras. We show that every quadratic Hom Leibniz superalgebra is symmetric. After introducing representation of Hom Leibniz superalgebras, we prove that Hom Leibniz superalgebras are quadratic if and only if the adjoint representation and its dual representation are equivalent. We also extend the notion of T*-extension to Hom Leibniz superalgebras. Finally, by using double extension, we describe inductively quadratic regular Hom Leibniz superalgebras.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.