Linear k-power Preservers on Tensor Products of Matrices

  •  Le Yan    
  •  Yang Zhang    


Invariants and the study of the map preserving a certain invariant play vital roles in the study of the theoretical mathematics. The preserver problems are the researches on linear operators that preserve certain invariants between matrix sets. Based on the result of linear $k$-power preservers on general matrix spaces, in terms of the advantages of matrix tensor products which is not limited by the size of matrices as well as the immense actual background, the study of the structure of the linear $k$-power preservers on tensor products of matrices is essential, which is coped with in this paper. That is to characterize a linear map $f:M_{m_{1}\cdots m_{l}}\rightarrow M_{m_{1}\cdots m_{l}}$ satisfying $f(X_{1}\otimes \cdots \otimes X_{l})^{k}=f\left( (X_{1}\otimes \cdots \otimes X_{l})^{k}\right) $ for all $X_{1}\otimes \cdots \otimes X_{l}\in M_{m_{1}\cdots m_{l}}$.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.