Pipes Construction Based on the Pipes' Centre Curve Shapes

  •  Kusno -    


Parts of pipeline need a long piece, a short segment, and various inflate-deflate models. They require as well the thickness and curvature of the pipes. The objective of this paper is to obtain some formulas for modeling the long pipe, the short tube, and various inflate-deflate pipe patches. Relating to the purposes, we use their cross-section, longitudinal section, and center curves of the pipe parts. The methods are, the using of the polar coordinates and of the real functions, to define the cross and longitudinal section of the pipe patches, respectively. Then, we calculate three orthonormal vectors that are determined by the tangent vectors of the pipe center curves and two unit vectors that are perpendicular to the tangent vectors. After that, we evaluate the formulas to model the long pipes and the short pipes, both inflate-deflate and thickness shapes. The results show that, using its center curves of the pipe, it is handy to design the long and short pipes, multiple thicknesses, various volume fluctuations of the pipes, and useful to model the inflate-deflate pipe parts.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.