Deterioration of Extra Virgin Olive Oil Caused by Different Processes

  •  Nadia Segura    
  •  Yenny Pinchak    
  •  Natalie Merlinski    
  •  Miguel Amarillo    
  •  Camila Feller    
  •  Bruno Irigaray    
  •  Laura Raggio    
  •  Mariana Orono    
  •  Maria Grompone    


Extra virgin olive oil is recognized as a very stable oil because of its composition in fatty acids and its content in natural antioxidants (tocopherols and polyphenols). In the bibliography are works that address different aspects of this stability, from the duration of its useful life to its performance in the frying of foods. Some works also link their stability with the content of natural antioxidants. For example, Franco et al. (2014) studied the content of phenols and their antioxidant capacity in olive oils of seven different varieties. Baccouri et al. (2008) found a good correlation between the oxidative stability (measured in Rancimat) of the oils studied and the concentration of total phenols and tocopherols.

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