Consumer Sensory Acceptance of Standard Pre-cooked Hamburger Patties versus Premium Patties

  •  Peter Bordi    
  •  HyoJin Cho    
  •  Jessica MacMartin    


Consumers’ increasing concerns toward nutrition, health, and sustainable food have influence food industry. Practitioners in the meat product industry and retailers are focusing on premium labeled meat products, such as Certified Angus Beef and grass-fed beef, to meet consumers’ demand. Although many consumers assume the premium has better taste and texture, there is little research comparing the sensory attributes of the premium and non-premium burgers. This study compared the sensory attributes of three different hamburger patties: flame broiled pre-cooked beef (non-premium, standard patties), Angus beef, and grass-fed beef patties (premium patties). The results show that participants prefer pre-cooked hamburger patties significantly than Angus and grass-fed patties in initial taste and flavor. Also, this pre-cooked hamburger patties are significantly preferred compared to grass-fed patties in overall quality and overall liking attributes. Other sensory attributes, such as appearance, texture, juiciness, and seasoning, show no significant difference among three different patties. This indicates that the pre-cooked hamburger patties can be preferred than (or compatible to) Angus or grass-fed patties.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.