Shelf Life of Monovarietal Extra Virgin Olive Oils Cv. Arbequina and Coratina from Uruguay

  •  Bruno Irigaray    
  •  Natalia Martínez    
  •  Camila Feller    
  •  Miguel Amarillo    
  •  Maria Grompone    


Two monovarietal extra virgin olive oils (Arbequina and Coratina), produced in Uruguay, were studied over a period of 12 months storage in amber bottles at 30 ºC. Peroxide index, K232, K270, ∆K, OSI induction time did not exceed the maximum limits set by the International Olive Council (IOC) during the entire period. However, the content of ethyl esters increased with storage time and it is in relation with the shelf life. The International Olive Council (IOC) establishes the limits in the content of ethyl esters ≤ 35 ppm. The Coratina oil ceased to be extra virgin quality after 6 months of storage due to its content of ethyl esters (46 ppm), and the Arbequina oil after 9 months (52 ppm).

Taking into consideration their content of ethyl esters, both the Arbequina and Coratina oils showed a very short shelf life less than six months. The determination of ethyl ester content proved to be a sensitive method for determining the loss of quality of extra virgin olive oils.

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