Research and Development of Functional Tuna and Kelp Soup

  •  Fan Tao    
  •  Zhao Yuetao    


With the development of economy and the rise of living standard, people tend to pursue natural and healthy food. Kelp, a source for both food and medicine, is more and more popular for its function of lowering blood pressure and lipid; however, its deep processing and multi-function development are still in preliminary stage. This research aims to produce functional kelp soup based on the whole experiment design, scientific experiment method and sensory evaluation. The result of the research shows that the optimal recipe for the soup is that every 1500 ml of bone soup match 28 g of dry kelp or 112 g of fresh kelp, 110 ml of cooking wine, 2.5 g of flavor & vegetable powder compound, 8 g of tuna, 1.5 g of salt, 0.6g of tuna flavor, and 5 g of dry clams, and the cooking time is 60 minutes.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.