Properties of Amaranth Flour With Functional Oat Products

  •  George Inglett    
  •  Diejun Chen    
  •  Sean Liu    


Amaranth flour (Salvia hispanica L.), gluten free and rich in essential amino acids, was composited with oat functional products containing ?-glucan known for lowering blood cholesterol and preventing heart disease. The objective of this research was to study the pasting and rheological properties of amaranth flour interacted with functional oat products using Rapid Visco Analyzer followed by an advanced rheometer. The initial peak viscosities of amaranth-Nutrim (oat bran hydrocolloids) and amaranth-OBC (oat bran concentrate) composites were increased with higher Nutrim and OBC contents. The final pasting viscosities of amaranth-OBC composites were increased significantly with higher OBC contents while amaranth-Nutrim composites showed colloidal gel properties similar to Nutrim. On other hand, amaranth interacted with oat bran concentrate displayed the highest rheological solid properties as elastic gels. Shear thinning properties were observed for all the interactions between amaranth flour and functional oat products. The improved water holding capacities were found for interacted compositions with Nutrim and oat bran concentrate compared to amaranth flour. These amaranth flour and oat products compositions demonstrated improved nutritional value and texture qualities for functional food applications.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.