Changing Agriculture and Vegetable Supply in China and Analysis the Drivers for Change

  •  Xia Zhang    


Chinese food is famous throughout the world. The China vegetable industry is a dynamic, growing horticultural sector whose products appeal to consumers. The fruit and vegetable market is the largest sector of the retail food market in China, yet barely affected by the development of new retail formats. Fruit and vegetable sales tend to be dominated by markets where local farmers supply produce direct from the field to the end consumer. A major driver for continual change in agric food business, to secure greater efficiencies, profitability and service, is the aim for much better integration in the food chain.

The aim of ‘supply chain management’ is to better integrate business planning, and to effectively balance supply and demand across the entire chain. It tries to bring suppliers and customers more effectively together in one coherent and integrated business process (Alexander, 2003).

In this paper, the opportunity is taken to examine some of the key drivers, in particular the importance of changing consumer lifestyles and behaviour, and their influences on food purchase. The significance of a better-integrated food chain is explored, as are proposals for successful future development of agric food business, in China. In this dissertation, the author used face-to-face interview and group interviews to get primary information.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.