Natural Mineral Waters Enhance the Intestinal Health and Stimulate Anti-inflammatory Immune Response in Functional Cell Model of a Non-cancerogenic Human Gut

  •  Martin Trapecar    
  •  Ales Goropevsek    
  •  Lea Zver    
  •  Avrelija Cencic    


Background Although mineral waters have been used extensively in human nutrition and have widely recognized health related properties; the availability of data on the mechanisms of their actions is limited.

Methods and results We have therefore analyzed their ability to increase trans-epithelial resistance of small intestinal epithelia and cell renewal, the bioaccessibilityas well as evaluated their immunomodulatingpotentialin a 3D functional cell model of the gut. Results have showed that the mineral content is highly accessible to the human body. Moreover, carbonated natural mineral water increases the trans-epithelial resistance and epithelial proliferation. In the same time they enhance the anti-inflammatory response by inhibiting activation of TNF- alpha and stimulating the TGF-beta cytokine in healthy epithelia as well as in macrophages.

Conclusions We can conclude that by this action the mineral waters have the potential to increase the integrity of the small intestinal wall and its immune status. In addition to providing scientific grounds for a health-beneficial use of natural mineral water, this manuscript provides a novel methodology for the assessment of food derived bioactives in the human gut.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.