Randomized Controlled Trial on the Effects of Tualang Honey and Hormonal Replacement Therapy (HRT) on Cardiovascular Risk Factors, Hormonal Profiles and Bone Density Among Postmenopausal Women: A Pilot Study

  •  Nik Nik Hussain    
  •  Siti Sulaiman    
  •  Intan Hassan    
  •  Azidah Kadir    
  •  Norhayati Nor    
  •  Shaiful Ismail    
  •  Lili Yaacob    
  •  Rahimah Zakaria    
  •  Nazlah Shafie    
  •  Juhara Haron    
  •  Kamarul Musa    


Results of recent trial have shown some negative effects of HRT on postmenopausal women. Therefore, there has been a need to search for an alternative treatment and honey is one of the well known traditional remedies used in minimizing postmenopausal problems. The objectives of the study were to investigate the effects of Tualang honey on the cardiovascular risk factors, changes in hormonal profiles and also effect on the bone. A randomized controlled trial comparing the effects of Tualang honey 20 g/day and HRT for a 4-month intervention period among healthy postmenopausal Malay women aged 45-60 years old was conducted. The primary outcome measures were changes from baseline on the cardiovascular risk profiles, hormonal profiles and effect on bone. Tualang honey compared with low dose HRT, consumed for 4 months by postmenopausal women had no demonstrable effects on the parameters examined such as blood pressure measurement, body mass index and waist circumference. There was no significant difference in the lipid profile, blood sugar profile and bone density between the two groups at the end of the study period.

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