Physicochemical Properties of Oil of Polygala multiflora Poir. Grown in Burkina Faso

  •  Bougoussaré Noumpao Rachelle Hortense    
  •  Marius K. Somda    
  •  Hemayoro Sama    
  •  Yerobessor Dabire    
  •  Iliassou Mogmenga    
  •  Mahamadi Nikiema    
  •  Assietta Ouattara    
  •  Donatien Kabore    
  •  Mamoudou H. Dicko    


Polygala multiflora is an important source of oil that needs to be valorized. This study aimed to investigate the potential of P. multiflora as an oleaginous plant. The physical and chemical properties of oil extracted from P. multiflora seeds were analyzed according to standard methods. The main physical parameters were yield of oil (43.25 ± 2.3%), relative density (0.912 ± 0.031), melting point (2.42±0.6°C), and refraction index (1.45±0.02), yellow light color. Chemical characteristics were: free fatty acids (1.97±0.2 % ac. Oleic), acidity index (6.93±0.14 mg KOH/g), saponification index (186.3±9.31mg KOH/g), iodine index (40.37±0.5 gI2/100g), and peroxide index (1.58±0.05 Meq O2/kg). Overall, P. multiflora seed oil has shown properties in line with standards for food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical use.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.