Sexual Assault against Children from the Perspective of Students in Ajloun University College/University of Balqa Applied

  •  Safia Jabali    


This study investigates the major causes of sexual assault against children and certain demographic variables affecting these factors. A 24-item Questionnaire of four variables has been developed. It includes the family, social and religious, media, psychic and individual factors. The study involved a sample of (100) students, randomly chosen. The study shows that leaving the children with the house-maid is one of the major causes of sexual crimes against children, in addition to the abused use of the internet by the family members in the presence of children, weak religious drive of the youth besides depression cases in the adolescent stage besides attractive attributes in the aggressive person. The total score for the whole questionnaire was fair. There were statistically significance differences attributed to sex and age.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.