University Environment and Global Citizenship Identification

  •  Marion Blake    
  •  Lindsey Pierce    
  •  Shonda Gibson    
  •  Stephen Reysen    
  •  Iva Katzarska-Miller    


We examined the influence of the university environment (Study 1), and specific college courses (Study 2), on the antecedents and outcomes of global citizenship identification. In Study 1, participants’ perception of the university environment as prescribing a global citizen identity predicted the perception of one’s normative environment as prescribing this identity and global awareness (antecedents) leading to greater identification with global citizens. Global citizenship identification then predicted greater endorsement of prosocial values and behaviors (outcomes). In Study 2, participants’ perception of a class as encouraging greater global understanding influenced the antecedents, global citizenship identification, and its outcomes. The results highlight the importance of a university setting as a normative environment for development of global citizenship identification and related prosocial values.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.