Respected Students Equal Better Students: Investigating the Links between Respect and Performance in Schools

  •  Corinna Mertz    
  •  Tilman Eckloff    
  •  Julia Johannsen    
  •  Niels Van Quaquebeke    


This study examines the relationship between students’ (N = 334) perceived teacher respect and their performance on a math exam in school settings. The incremental validity of respect on performance beyond that accounted for by intelligence is assessed. Results suggest that respect accounts for significant additional variability in students’ performance above that accounted for by intelligence. Further analyses reveal that the relationship between respect and performance is moderated by immigration. For German students (N = 150), perceived respect accounts for a part of the variability in performance over the variability accounted for by intelligence. For students with an immigrant background (N = 181) this relationship is not significant. Cultural implications of respect in school settings are discussed.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.