Creative Adults and Socio-Cultural Challenges: Sociological Study in Egypt

  •  Samah Faried    


This paper seeks to divide three patterns of youth life cycle into immanent pattern, dialectic pattern and creative
pattern of youth life. Immanent pattern refers to submission to both bio characteristics and to negativity of his
social roles. Dialectic pattern refers to the youth’s ability to make balance between his biological and social
needs. Creative youth refers to who have a continuous state of dissatisfaction about their reality which lead to
reform the cycle of life. This study attempts to understand the interactive relationship between creative youth and
their sort of life. On the other hand this paper will examine the nature of both cultural and social background
where they belongs and the sort of social and political challenges. It is concluded that great deal of youth
especially women who live in rural areas are submitted to immanent pattern whose aspects are anxiety, and
exaggeration of religious behavior.

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