Homophily Attractiveness for Women in Online Dating in Taiwan

  •  Cristian Olivo Quiroga    
  •  Yen Shang-Yung    


Online dating is a significant and worldwide social phenomenon. Whilst research in western countries has provided valuable insights on how users perceive each another when viewing their profiles, little research has been done in Asia, where culture and cultural environments are different. In order to evaluate homophily, in an experimental approach, we evaluated what characteristics single women seek in potential romantic partners. We interviewed 55 young single women who are engaged in online dating. We asked participants to describe themselves in terms of personality, habits, family orientation, and etcetera. In addition, using the same variables, we asked them to describe their ideal partners in a second questionnaire. Women exhibited a low tendency of homophily towards their desired partners, seeking men who are not similar to themselves in life course attributes.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.