Response Patterns of Art Based Intervention for Self-Regulation among Athletes

  •  Jolly Roy    
  •  Garry Kuan    
  •  Tneh Khai Chy    


Competition outcome often shows a player’s ability to self-regulate and be in control. This study examined the response patterns of Clay Button Method (CBM), an adapted art approach, in a sport context, among Paralympics, footballers and injured athletes for self-regulation. The article enlists the steps involved in CBM and the percentage of change is noted across six sessions among the participants. CBM focuses on teaching self-regulation by identifying individual areas of strengths and areas of concern, to build personal resources and weed out possible deficits. The participants engaged in CBM using playing clay, making their own self-image and exploring any unresolved emotional issues and bringing in desired changes. The response patterns revealed a trend where the players were able to self-regulate by reducing unproductive thoughts and strengthening personal resources. The study provides preliminary findings for introducing innovative approach in a sport context.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.