Informal Social Support: A Collaborative Stress Management Initiative for Mothers of Cancer Children

  •  Siham. M. Al- Momani    


Diagnosis of childhood cancer represents one of the most sever stressors for the children’s mothers. There is
limited evidence of research directed toward assisting mothers of cancer children to develop strategies to cope
with the complex experiences associated with the diagnosis of their children at the time of the diagnosis, and
before their reaction to stress recognized. The current study is a pilot project sought to investigate the potential of
a new type of initiative based on the idea of providing the mothers of cancer children with informal social
support, were the support initiated in collaboration between the academic and clinical staffs. The informal social
support initiative program started at the time of child diagnosis before the patient and patient families requested
or even the physician ordered.
Surveys results, along with discussion of the potential implications for reducing stress and anticipatory stress
among mothers of cancer children by informal social support are presented.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.