An Analysis of the Role of Some Social and Individual Factors in Strengthening or Weakening Religious and National Identity (Case Study: Islamic Azad University of Tabriz and Azarshahr)

  •  Kamran Fakhri    
  •  Parvaneh Adelzadeh    
  •  Peyman Ghanimat    
  •  Mohammadbagher Aali    


Possessing an independent and distinguished identity in one's public and individual life is considered as a basic
principle in his life as social relation. The element of recognizing, separating, and differing oneself from others
gives meaning to his life and makes him be dynamic and mobile. Among various kinds of identities, religious
and national one takes a special position among individuals' personality and their social and individual lives.
From sociologists' point of views, the religious and national identity represents features making one society
differ from another one.
In this research article (library and field study) through a survey based on Islamic Azad University of Tabriz and
Azarshahr students with a statistical society of 1000 students and using valid sources and scientific methods, it
has been tried to examine the role of minor variants such as career, family and etc for strengthening and
weakening the religious and national identity specially among females and males.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.