The Effects of the Mixed Sensory-motor-perception Training on Fill in the Blanks Performances of the Students with Learning Disorder

  •  Raheleh Haghighatzade    
  •  Shole Amiri    
  •  Hossein Molavi    


The aim of the present study is to survey the effects of the mixed sensory -motor-perception training on the fill in
the blanks performances of the Students whith with reading disorder in Isfahan. The statistical population
includes 30 dyslexia dyslexic students from the learning disorder center in Isfahan. The samples are selected
randomly. They and included 30 dyslexia thirty dyslexic students at the learning disorder center of Isfahan, who
are were divided in two fifteen individual groups. One of them selected as an experimental group, and the other
one as the control group.
The research instruments are were: Demographic tests, Wechsler Intelligence Scale for children, and the reading
screening tests which are were used as the pre-test and the post-test. While the experimental group was
individually exposed to ten one-hour sessions of mixed-sensory-motor-perception training, the control group
underwent no special training and interferences. The results obtained by the statistical method of covariance
analysis revealed that there was a significant difference (p<0.001) between the average scores of the post-tests of
the experimental and the control group. The overall results of the present study showed that the
mixed-sensory-motor-perception training has had been effective on the dyslexia dyslexic students' fill in the
blanks performances and has had made a significant raise in the average scores of their post-tests.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.