Preventive Health Behaviors - The Psycho-marketing Approach

  •  Aviv Shoham    
  •  Merav Saker    
  •  Yossi Gavish    


This paper focuses on consumers’ adoption of preventive health behaviors (PHB). It aims to explain PHB among
Israeli consumers by examining their motives, needs, and actions. A model of PHB based on two approaches
used previously (Moorman & Matulich, 1993; Jayanty & Burns, 1998) is developed and tested with data from
Israeli consumers. Results suggest that PHB is influenced by health motivation and health knowledge and, to a
lesser extent, by self- and response-efficacy. Self- and response-efficacy are impacted by self-motivation. The
findings, in combination, can help policy-makers and marketing managers in designing effective marketing
campaigns to encourage PHB.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.