Women’s Personality Characteristics and Occupational Choice: Implications for Marital Instability

  •  Dimkpa Daisy I.    


The quality of marital relationships has been the focus of most researchers in recent times. This paper reviewed
women’s personality traits/characteristics and choice of occupations in relation to marital instability. Furthermore,
it emphasized that marital instability results from the effects of occupational stress, from non-flexible job choices
of women, socio-economic factors, infidelity amongst others. It concluded by suggesting ways of helping
Nigerian women accomplish marital stability by applying reality therapy in occupational decision-making;
teaching personality theories in higher institutions of learning, adoption and use of personality tests by
employers in determining women’s personality characteristics in order to ascertain their suitability for a
particular job and the role of Government, National Council of Women’s Society and significant others in
organizing enlightenment and sensitization programs for women on choice of jobs that will enhance positive
marital relationship.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.