Cognitive Correlates of Different Academic Subjects in School Setting

  •  Anita Sharma    
  •  Poonam Sharma    
  •  Deepa Sharma    


This is an empirical study which examined the relevance of intelligence tests (verbal and non-verbal) in different
academic subjects. A sample of 200 students (100 males and 100 females) of Eleventh class from different
schools of Shimla district in Himachal Pradesh (India) were tested on Standard Progressive Matrices (SPM) and
General Mental Ability Test (GMAT) together with their scores on different subjects. A multiple regression
analysis revealed an interesting pattern of relationship. SPM has been found to be the best correlate of
Mathematics and Science subjects contributing 53% and 58% of variance in males' sample and 32% and 36% of
variance in females' sample. Whereas, GMAT, correlated best with languages and social science subjects
accounting for 28% to 44% in males' sample and 28% to 56% in females' sample.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.