Emotional Intelligence in Modifying Social and Academic Adjustment among First Year University Students in North Jordan

  •  Malek, Jdaitawi    
  •  Noor-Azniza, Ishak    
  •  Farid, Mustafa    


The present study examines the influence of emotional intelligence training in increasing social and academic
adjustment among first year university students in North Jordan. A total number of 289 first year university
students who were randomly selected from the two universities in North Jordan comprised both the experimental
and control group. The results of the study indicate significant mean differences between the two groups having
emotional intelligence as a variable. Additionally, the results indicate no significant differences between
experimental and control group on social and academic adjustment variables. Supported by no significant mean
difference according to gender between participants but the results indicate significant mean differences
according to age between them. Although the descriptive statistics results show no significant differences as
expected; the experimental group is revealed to be more effective with participants in all the research variables.
Therefore, it is recommended that emotional intelligence training should be utilized as adjunct strategy in
enhancing student social and academic adjustment among adolescents and adult students.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.