The Other Side of Well-being – What Makes a Young Woman Become an Anorectic?

  •  Marika Savukoski    
  •  Kaarina Määttä    
  •  Satu Uusiautti    


The aim of this research is to reveal those factors that make an individual enter an anorectic world in adolescence.
Why does a young woman develop anorexia? What makes one go to a journey to that “Wonderland”? The causes
of anorexia were collected from the narratives of 11 Finnish women who survived their own anorexic trip as
winners. Anorexia is a serious psychiatric condition that can lead to death at its worst. The causes of anorexia
have not been clearly evidenced which makes it difficult to draw a distinct insight of the problems of anorexia.
This article reveals the reasons and factors that make usually good and dutiful girls destroy themselves and their
lives hooked by anorexia. Furthermore, the complex nature of eating disorder is discussed from an educational
perspective because when pursuing toward the ideal of education, one performs to excess.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.