Love Styles and Cardiovascular Responder Types

  •  Kenta Matsumura    
  •  Takehiro Yamakoshi    
  •  Peter Rolfe    


We examined the relationship between cardiovascular responder types and love styles. Cardiovascular responder
types were measured as reactivity to a social speech task. Measures included heart rate (HR), systolic and
diastolic blood pressure (SBP and DBP, respectively), pre-ejection period (PEP), and baroreceptor sensitivity
(BRS). Love styles were measured using the 2nd version of Lee’s Type Scale; a questionnaire developed based
on Lee’s color theory. Analyses revealed that Eros (physically attracted love) score was related to HR, SBP, and
BRS reactivity, and that Mania (obsessive and jealous love) score was related to HR and BRS reactivity. These
results suggest that passionate love style, including Eros and Mania, is associated with cardiovascular responder

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.