Combination of the Research-Based Learning Method with the Modern Physics Experiment Course Teaching

  •  Xiaolai Liu    
  •  Qinghuai Li    


It has been the hotspot to reconstruct the education course based on the research-based learning in the course reform in many countries in recent years. The new course standard of China insists that the teaching is the interactive process that teachers and students communicate and develop together. In the teaching, the relationship between imparting knowledge and cultivating ability, and students’ independence and self-determination should be emphasized, and teachers should lead students to doubt, survey, and search, and learn in the practice, and the learning should be the active and individual process under teachers’ instruction. The exploring learning is just based on cultivating students’ innovational spirit and practice ability. The research-based learning is introduced in the teaching of the modern physics experiment course, and this article mainly explores and attempts the concrete implementation and case design.

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