Exploring the Impact of Handcraft Activities on the Creativity of Female Students at the Elementary Schools

  •  Amir Rezaei    
  •  Manijeh Zakariaie    


Creativity has been one of the interesting issues in the field of education and has been subject of some studies. But studying the effect of using handcraft on the enhancing learners’ creativity at early stages of education has not been focused on in many studies. Therefore, in this study an effort was made to explore the effect of using handcrafts on the enhancement of the creativity among the learners at elementary schools. The participants in this study were 64 female students who were selected randomly from elementary school learners at grade five in Tehran. For data collection Torrens Creativity Test was used and data gathering was done through pre-test and post-test. Data was analyzed by using descriptive statistics and ANOVA analysis. The data analysis revealed that using handcraft as an instrument was significantly effective in enhancing students’ score in originality, flexibility and elaboration at the elementary grades, whereas; there was not any significant difference between their scores in fluency. The findings and their implications are discussed more in detail.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.