The Probe on the Children’s English Acquisition

  •  Changfu Sui    


English has become the medium for communication in so many areas, and children are the hope of the future and shoulder the duties to structure the future. Children’s English becomes more important and spreads all over the world, especially in recent years.

The children’s English is not perfect and it exists its own disadvantages, so this paper gives four Optimizations and suggestions in teaching children’s English in order to solve the problem. Then it lists several relations to the children’s English study, and these four relations are very important because they are the keys to lead the children’s English to a healthy and developing road. And in the next chapter, it talks about the trends of the children’s English in the future and lists the reasons why   these kinds of trends appear.

At last, overlook the whole paper and give a conclusion, which show that the children’s English has a great potentiality in the future in China.        

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.