Cooperative Learning (CL) and Academic Achievement of Asian Students: A True Story

  •  Pham Thi Hong Thanh    
  •  Robyn Gillies    
  •  Peter Renshaw    


This paper reviews research examining the effects of CL strategies on the academic achievement of Asian students. Fourteen studies are included in the review. Sample characteristics, measures, findings, and effects are reported in a table. Achievement outcomes are found mixed with 50 per cent of the studies reporting neutral and negative findings and 50 per cent reporting positive findings. The paper also reveals mismatches between CL’s principles and Asian cultures based on what was reported in the reviewed studies. Future research needs to further investigate this issue. Also, for CL to work more effectively in the Asian context, there needs to be some further research that investigates how to change those principles of CL that may be inappropriate in the Asian context so they may be more compatible with Asian culture and conditions.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.