What Makes an “Effective” Leader: The Application of Leadership

  •  Charles E. Notar    
  •  Carol S. Uline    
  •  Charlotte King Eady    


This article is based on the premise that leadership is leadership, whatever the profession. A number of “leaders” from various enterprises are discussed to determine the basic tenets of leadership. The nine tenets of leadership are:

(1) Think and Act Strategically.

(2) Understand and Demonstrate the Elements of Teams and Teamwork.

(3) Master Small Group Decision Making.

(4) Clearly Define Roles and Relationships.

(5) Establish and Abide by a Leader-Subordinate Partnership.

(6) Implement Systematic Evaluation of Policy.

(7) Allocate Leader Time/Energy Appropriately.

(8) Set Clear Rules and Procedures for Meetings.

(9) Learn and Develop Continuously as a Leader.   

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.