The Lifelong Learning Sector and the Development of Hong Kong as A Regional Education Hub: Is Government Policy Rhetoric or Reality?

  •  John Cribbin    


In this article the researcher sets out to investigate the development of lifelong learning policy in Hong Kong. The policy analysis is focused specifically on the Hong Kong Government’s policy for Hong Kong to be a Regional Education Hub. Qualitative data was gathered using questionnaire surveys of leading local and overseas lifelong learning providers, through semi-structured interviews with experts who are leading practitioners in the field, and, through analysis of policy documents. The research highlights the extent of non-local provision of higher education in Hong Kong by the lifelong learning sector in association with overseas institutions. The study also shows that despite the policy rhetoric Hong Kong could not currently be described as a regional hub for education although all those experts surveyed consider Hong Kong well placed to develop as an education hub and were surprised that more has not been done.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.