Management of Technology (MoT) undergraduate program in Malaysia: A Perspective

  •  Alina Shamsuddin    
  •  Nor Hazana Abdullah    
  •  Eta Wahab    


Management of Technology (MoT) Education is growing both in numbers and importance.  There are more than 200 universities in the world that are offering MoT programs.  However, these universities have taken different approaches with respect to the names and designs of the programs. In Malaysia, some of the programs are known as Technology Management, Production & Operation and Industrial Management. The curriculum structures and contents of the programs also vary.  For more effective MoT education in Malaysia, it is necessary to consider both the national agenda and business requirements for more practical MoT education approach.  This study described two MoT undergraduate programs in one public institution in Malaysia to fill in the literature gap on MoT education in Malaysia. It adapted the IAMOT MoT Credo as a framework for comparing the structure and contents of the programs.  The findings concluded that, although the two programs have met the IAMOT Credo’s requirements, they have distinctive features. These distinguishing characteristics reflected the Malaysian’s human resource needs.


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.