An Analysis of Learning Barriers: The Saudi Arabian Context

  •  intakhab khan    



Learning and teaching are quite interrelated. Teaching can't take place unless the students learn. Teaching is a bi-polar activity. Learning barriers or causes of learning difficulties are quite natural phenomenon in an educational setting. But, when it comes to exert a very adverse effect it becomes crucial. Thus, it is unavoidable to ignore those factors which adversely affect the entire learning process. It is found that the following barriers are some of those that are very influential: social, cultural, parental, attitudinal, motivational, psychological, personal and pedagogical factors that include teacher, action research, teaching strategies, teaching resource, administration etc. The present paper is going to focus on the following: motivation of the students, motivation of the teachers, dedication and commitment, teacher's role, teachers’ preparedness, teaching strategies, training and professional development etc. The case of Saudi Arabia is very important for many reasons. The government is spending a lot of money on education. But, the achievement of learning is not up to the mark. Therefore, it is important to study the effect of such factors on academic achievement.

Keywords: Barriers, socio cultural factors, psychological factors, pedagogical factors, the teacher , motivation.

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