Exploring Factors Influencing Satisfaction of the University Students Who Work as Private Tutors

  •  Asif Imtiaz    


Private Supplementary Tutoring (PST) have attracted enormous attention in recent days. Bangladesh experiences both forms of PST – formal and informal. There is a considerable amount of research based on the demand-side of PST. The tutors, who are the suppliers of PST in the market, are the center of attention in this paper. The forces that affect the satisfaction of a tutor from providing tuition have been investigated here through factor analysis and stepwise regression. Analyzing a set of tutors from University of Dhaka, tutoring environment and financial independence are found to have a positive relationship with the satisfaction level of a tutor.  Transportation costs as well as disadvantageous factors of tutoring as in wasting productive time, hampering academic results, lack of recreation pull the level of satisfaction down. Tutors are thought to be self-concentrated since result and improvement of the tutees are absent from the formulation of their satisfaction. Driving a wedge of fellow feeling between tutors and tutees will enhance the quality of education.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.