The Relationship between Body Image Satisfaction and Bulimia Nervosa among King Saud University Students

  •  Suliman Aljomaa    


The study aimed at examining the relationship between body image satisfaction and bulimia nervosa among the students of education faculty at king said university students. The author used the tests of bulimia nervosa and body image test. The researcher verified tests reliability. Students from King Saud University randomly selected (No. 337) participated in the study. Overall mean of the body image satisfaction test scored 3.66 degrees, and the overall mean of the bulimia nervosa test scored 3.42 degrees. Data analysis indicated that there is a positive correlation between the body image satisfaction and bulimia nervosa, Pearson correlation coefficient scored 0.648, and bulimia nervosa predicted body image.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.