Trends of the Arabic Research on the Nature of Science

  •  Suad Alhamlan    
  •  Haya Aljasser    
  •  Asma Almajed    
  •  Sozan Omar    


The paper investigates the trends of the Arabic research with the emphasis on the nature of science. Hence, a descriptive analytical approach, both qualitative and quantitative forms, was used to explore 42 online journals and articles. The research sample was defined by online journals and articles cover the question of the Nature of Science (NOS) in the Arabic setting. The data collection tool has implemented a content analysis checklist that contains three sections the fields of study section, the subjects of each field, as well as methods and procedures. The results taken from the data analysis have shown that most Arabic researchers focus on the curriculum, teaching and learning environments and their improvement, the use of new teaching methods, students’ understanding of NOS, as well as teacher’s knowledge and teaching strategies. Also, many researchers have used descriptive methods and techniques. The research findings suggest that Arabic NOS has been done by teaching science through education. The paper provides recommendations to ensure greater government involvement in establishing science centers that attract graduating students in science learning and relevant projects.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.