The Influence of Parents’ Involvement on Children with Special Needs’ Motivation and Learning Achievement

  •  Siti Bariroh    


Some of the abnormal children face burden, distraction, interruption, tardiness, or risk factors so that they cannot get an optimum growth without special treatment or intervention. This study was aimed at discovering the influence of parents’ involvement to the learning motivation and achievement of children with different abilities. This research is a regressive model. The population was children with different abilities in SMP Negeri 4 Gresik, East Java Indonesia. The data collected through questionnaire and documentation, were then analyzed using linear regression test. The t-test results showed tcalculate value for variables of parents’ involvement (X) was 3,813. The results showed that tcalculate>ttable or 3,813> 2,093 or t value is higher than t table. It means that parents’ involvement sigifcantly influences children’s motivation. The result of the t-test also indicated that tcalculate value for parents’ involvement (X) was 3,601. If compared to ttable, then, tcalculate>ttable or 3,601> 2,093. It means that there is an influence of parents’ involvement on children’s achievement as well. Based on the finding, it can be recommended that parents should be more intensive in assisting, accompanying, and guiding their children, especially especially to the children who have special needs so that their motivation and academic achievement can be enhanced. It is also recommended that teachers and school should give more fruitful collaboration between schools to facilitate their needs and potentials.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.