An Approach to the Economic Socialization of University Students: The Origin, Uses and Meaning of Money

  •  Ciro Moreno    
  •  Marcela Salcedo    
  •  María Rebellón    
  •  Ingrid Anzelin    


This article discusses the origin of university students’ money, the way they use it as well as the meaning they grant it. The research that originated this discussion had a quantitative approach and descriptive scope; it was conducted among 714 Colombian university students who attended daytime classes, and it aimed at identifying the place they give to money as socializing factor. It was found that from the perspective of these young people, money is not a predominant factor in the social relations established at college and that, even when the main meaning that they attribute to money is romantic, its main use is for fun.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.