A Scrutiny on the Aggression Levels of the Students of Sports, Vocational, and Anatolian High Schools

  •  Mehmet ALTIN    
  •  Ali Osman KIVRAK    


The objective has been set through this study to present and compare the aggression levels in three different High School types. The population of the study was constituted by the High School students in the province of Konya and its sampling group by the 226 male and 190 female students studying at Vocational High Schools, Anatolian High Schools, and Sports High Schools. In the study, demographic personal information form was used in the collection of personal information and Buss-Perry Aggression Scale (BPAS), which was developed by Buss and Perry (1992), whose the validity and reliability study in its Turkish form was performed by Demirtas-Mardan (2013), was used for determining the aggression levels. In terms of the anger dimension depending on the gender factor, no statistical change was observed, while it was determined that the average values for the male students in the physical aggression, hostility, and verbal aggression dimensions were higher than the female students and such changes were statistically significant (P<0.05). It can be said on the basis of the findings of this study that the aggression values of the Secondary Education students did not vary in line with the sportive activities and that the male students have more sense of aggression than female students.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.