Students’ Views on Language Skills in Foreign Language Teaching

  •  Yasemin Darancik    


The four basic language skills, listening, reading, speaking and writing are indispensable parts of a language teaching. For successful and effective education and training in foreign language courses, these four basic language skills need to be developed and reinforced in accordance with the level and needs of the learners. The aim of the research is to reveal how the students who are learning foreign languages approach the four basic language skills in general terms, their opinions about the feelings and thoughts, and thus identify important problems within this subject. The problem is not to determine the position of four core skills in foreign language teaching, or to question its definition, but the problem is to show how the students approach and master these four basic skills. This research is a qualitative study and the data that is the basis of the research has been prepared with the help of a questionnaire to determine the opinions of the university students studying foreign language teaching about the four basic language skills. The results of the research have shown that the skills that students most want to develop, pay attention to and feel lacking are speaking skills. Students will be more successful and willing in foreign language lessons when they hear and understand it correctly and they can speak it correctly and effectively. This study reveals how important these skills are for verbal communication and how much it is necessary to acquire them with different approaches and methods in foreign language lessons.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.