The Relation between the Awareness Level of Writing Strategies and Writing Self-Efficacy

  •  Sezgin Demir    


Although language is a communicational system which is based on two fundamental language skills; internal and external, it is one of the external/productive language skills together with speaking that requires a certain civilization level for a society. Writing is a tool that transfers every kind of message, dialogue, emotion, desire to stones, tablets, papyrus and finally on paper through symbols that are the result of reaching a certain level of civilization. While writing strategies enable a type of cognitive monitoring mechanism to operate; writing self-efficacy meets the need of belief regarding managing, achieving before deeds regarding performance. The purpose of this research is to determine the relation between the awareness level of writing strategies and writing self-efficacy of the secondary school students. The population of the research consists of secondary school students and the sample consists of 671 students from 5, 6, 7 and 8th grade students of four secondary schools, which were chosen from every educational region in the city of Aksaray in Turkey through simple random sampling method. Within the analysis of the data independent group t test was used in terms of gender variable; and variance analysis was used in terms of grade, parental education status, and duration for reading books, watching television, and the use of internet. In order to determine the relation between the two variables Pearson correlation coefficient and for the determination of the predicting level between these two variables, simple linear regression analysis were used. As a result of the study it was seen that both the writing strategies awareness level and the self-efficacy of the female students were higher; as the grade increases, as the parental education status decreases, as the duration for daily book reading decreases and the time for watching television increases the writing strategies awareness levels of the students and their writing self-efficacies decrease. However the time for internet use did not reflect in a negative way. In addition in the research it was determined that writing strategies awareness level is a significant predictor of writing self-efficacy.

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