Influence of Learning Model Using Laboratory and Numeric Ability to Student Learning Result on Thermochemical Material

  •  Gulmah Sugiharti    
  •  Bastian Habeahan    


This study aims to determine the influence of learning models and numerical ability of students’ chemistry learning outcomes on Thermochemical materials, as well as the interaction between learning models through the use of laboratory and numerical ability. The study was conducted on the students of grade XI IPA SMA N 1 Stabat consisting of 9 classes and 2 classes as samples taken by purposive sampling. Experimental research with factorial 2 × 2 factorial ANOVA design. Learning result data obtained from result of thermochemical learning result and student numerical ability data obtained through numerical ability test which have all been validated. The data analysis technique used two way analysis of variance (ANOVA). The result of the research shows that the influence of the learning model using the laboratory on the students’ learning outcomes on thermochemical materials with Fcount> Ftable is 4.015> 3.99, there is the effect of high numerical ability and low numerical ability to the chemistry learning result on thermochemical material with Fcount> Ftable value is 23.717 > 3.99 and there is interaction between learning model using laboratory with numerical ability to result of thermochemical learning with value Fcount>Ftable that is 11.142>3.99.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.