The Development of Media Activities by Undergraduate Students in Order to Promote Agricultural Tourism Community Enterprise According to the Principles of Social Service Learning and Community-Based Leaning

  •  Kuntida Thamwipat    
  •  Pornpapatsorn Princhankol    
  •  Sakesun Yampinij    
  •  Sopon Meejaleurn    


This research was aimed to develop media activities by undergraduate students to promote agricultural tourism community enterprise according to the principles of social service learning and community-based learning, 2) to evaluate the quality of such media activities, 3) to measure the income of the community after the development of media activities, and 4) to evaluate the satisfaction and the learning achievements of the sampling group. This research was conducted in the second semester of the academic year 2016. There were 5 important phases as in 1) Survey on the concepts and the community’s demands, 2) Development of media activities according to ADDIE Model, 3) Evaluation of the quality by 9 experts and the results showed that the contents were of good quality (=4.33, SD=0.63) and that the presentation was of good quality (=4.48, SD=0.54), 4) Measurement of the income of 34 persons in the community and it showed an average income of 6000 to 12000 Baht, or 15% increase, and the satisfaction of the local shops was at the highest level (=4.66, SD=0.54), and 5) Evaluation of the satisfaction and the learning achievements of 79 undergraduate students showed that the students expressed the highest level of satisfaction (=4.70, SD=0.26). After Action Review (AAR) showed that the learning achievements were good because students gained practical knowledge and used their experience in every step of their activities.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.